Monday, April 23, 2012

Flickering Fall

An  ekphrastic poem — that is, a poem that responds to or is otherwise inspired by a work of art.
Spring is here, summer near - I am  thinking of fall.
It’s not that I can’t wait, can’t allow spring
to disappear while I long for another season.

I am content with the season I’m with,
though  I  change locations in the summer
to find a better season and some relief.  Still,

I wouldn’t want summer to die. It's just that
fall pumpkins, leaves,  colors of orange and brown,
and celebrations  flicker unbidden in and out

of consciousness no matter what the season. 
I can’t control the flow of thoughts like cool crisp air,
or visions of apple orchards and pumpkin patches,

long nights that cause us to gather round
the fireplace, light candles, and eat pumpkin pie.
No, I don’t wish for the seasons to leave me
but  I have  much  to look forward to in the fall.


Peggy said...

And I do believe this is your work of art, Judy. Love the picture and the poem. I like fall as well, though I too do not wish other seasons to rush by.

Mary said...

i love the painting; but don't really welcome fall as it leads to winter. One has to enjoy the season that one is in though.