Friday, April 27, 2012

This Is Not Me

I feel like someone different today. I stand taller-
feel  healthy, like everything is aligned and right
in my world.I meet people head on, smile as I pass.
Theres something grand going on. I'm sure its self assurance.
But how could that be? 

It's not what I wear, I am in tennis shoes
and a comfortable t-shirt and slacks.  I look normal,
I look like me, but I feel a confidence I can't explain,
an assurance I've rarely felt. I left a message for Bill,

told him about my spectacular day. I waited there
in the shop while my car was serviced, I read ads,
checked my messages, nothing different  to note,
Just mundane tasks Im forced to do on an ordinary day.

I want to capture the feel of this though, research, find
where it comes from and how I can plug in again. No
extraordinary events to note though, no answers come.
This feeling just came on the wind and I suppose it will

leave the same way. I go to the mall
to eat at the Cheesecake Factory to savor this moment
along with my favorite Shephards Pie.I  sit in
the  outdoor café, mild cool breeze blows over the sun

baked iron work café tables. Then I order
a veggie burger and a glass of ice cold water.
Now it's official. This is NOT me today.


Mary said...

It is nice at our age and stage to sometimes realize that we don't always have to be / feel / appear the same. Hope your confidence appears and reappears again and again! (But, no Shepherd's Pie?? I'm impressed.)

Ann said...

Hope this was one of your perfect moments anyway, Judy. Hope your veggie burger was good!

Judy Roney said...

It was a perfect day, Ann. The whole day! However the veggie burger was a big mistake. :)

Peggy said...

Maybe this IS the real you and the other days are not!! This is such a beautiful poem!! I love these days.

Shersim said...

Oh, I think this IS you! It sounds like the kind of day that one could snuggle into without new stresses and worries. This is the you I know. Well, maybe not the veggieburger.

Judy Roney said...

Oh, Peggy, I love to think this is the real me. I love these days , too. I want them all to be these days!
Today I am a writer who doesn't write, an artist who doesn't paint, a Writer's group coordinator who doesn't coordinate, and a woman whose feet ache. Sigh.

Judy Roney said...

LOL Mary, glad you were impressed because the woman who chose that veggie burger over the Shepherd's Pie definitely died that day! LOL I was really impressed, too, and shocked..I took a good day right over the brink!

Judy Roney said...

Sherrie! I love that you think this is me! It has to be part of me for sure! I want her back today!! LOL (minus that cardboard burger!)