Saturday, April 28, 2012


The space I inhabit becomes smaller, more cramped with each move.
Now my home is compact, exact, and it holds me accountable.
Smaller means everything in it’s place and if it doesn’t have a place, it goes.
I try to find a way to feel okay about giving stuff away, so I give it all
to charity or to family and friends.  I don’t feel better yet.


Shersim said...

And I wonder if you will ever feel better about it. Lov the picture!

Ann said...

A hard thing at a time in life when there are so many other transitions, Judy!

Peggy said...

The picture is perfect Judy! The requirement to downsize again and again would be a kind of Hell for me. Probably why I never plan to move!

Mary said...

I have some things that have a few places! That works too. Hard to feel forced to get rid of things.

Jan Freeman said...

Love the picture and I can sympathise with being forced to discard cherished items

Victoria said...

I hope this stops being so hard, all the change.