Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blood Work

White cells elevated
Red cells down
It’s always something with the cells

Vitimin B is stable now
Vamp up the vitamin D
I need a new pill box, larger than before.

Cholestrol lowered
Bad cholesterol down
Somethings working besides diet

Blood work is always an enigma
Though doctor says it’s a story
This book must be a mystery.


Shersim said...

Not only is it a mystery, it is a scary mystery. Captured well, Judy.

Mary said...

Sounds like something is working with the lowering of cholestrol! I bet it is all the working out.

Ann said...

Oh, those pesky cells, to keep us alive and to take us down. Hope someone figures out a good formula on this soon.

Peggy said...

I can relate Judy. There's always something it seems. At least these are things that can be worked on--all part of the mystery.