Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Want To Go Home

I want to go home I said at the funeral. I don't know why.
I said it at home with husband at my side. You are home,

he said over and over. I didn't believe him. I've said the same
thing for over ten years.I really do want to go home. I

remember how warm, how full, how happy and carefree
my home was. This is our final move he tells me now.

This is home till we die.
I don't believe him.


Ann said...

You make home wherever you are, Judy. I do understand wondering exactly where and how when you're in the middle of relocating.

Mary said...

Moving is such a pain in the neck I would hope that he is correct. LOL.

Victoria said...

This one really tears at my heart - I read it to say that you have never really felt "at home" since Brian died, and don't trust that the new home will really feel like home and keep you long term either. Grief hits so many different ways. Love you.

Bill said...

Last move. Iam sure.

Bill said...

Last move. Iam sure.

Hannah Magoo said...

buildings are rarely about the buildings themselves, usually more about the memories and feelings left in them.