Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Glide and Glisten

She glides across the sidewalk and Bahia.
I can’t see her tiny fur legs.
All five pounds of her pulls my weight forward,
as she hovers over the smells of the day.

I can’t deny her though I glisten.
Her tail is a helicopter blade.
Her joy keeps me straight and steady,
there’s no turning back for the gate.

I begin to smell the flowers, see the lights.
I know this is good for us both. We exercise,
experience enjoyment, I accept the gift of it
now that we’re through.


Ann said...

Beautiful and funny at the same time, Judy. Yay for Lexi!

Mary said...

I like this, Judy. I can just see Lexi and you enjoying your walk. Good for both of you indeed.

Peggy said...

Love that Lexie!! I assume you mean you glisten with sweat? Dogs bring such joy.

Victoria said...

Judy, you have such a special touch with the details and the humor - making the humor, like enjoying the walk more when it's through, add not diminish the poem. I really admire your ability to do this.