Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sort of Strange

My husband gets better
looking to me the older he is
though we’ve been together
over 40 years.

I have a passion for
my creative work,
it doesn't even seem a choice.
Love for my son grows,
it's stronger than his death.

I am calmer now, more so
than when I was twenty

or forty or even fifty.

That the world’s situation is
as dire and shocking as ever,
but if I can't change it, I let it go.
 Isn't that strange.


Peggy said...

Love the musing tone of this Judy. You are definitely keeping up with the PAD schedule.

Ann said...

I think it's very healthy, Judy, not strange at all!

Willow said...

I love the musing too, and I think it's healthy as feel, not strange. I have let go of the world too.

Mary said...

Not strange at all, Judy. I think by the time we are 'our age' we have learned to look at life with a different eye and accept things as they are or realize the things we can do nothing about (the world situation).

Bill said...

This is a great poem ! With age does come a relaxation to a point. Some things that seemed so complicated now seem not worth the effort. I think too that it allows one to enjoy things better not getting all knotted up over things that don't matter in the scheme of life. This poem yells that out to me.