Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bats Habitat


The city built homes for them
so they would rid our area
of disease carrying mosquitoes.
They want to rebuild now – more
give these beady eyed bats
amenities that would darken
their days further, so these night
creatures will be rested for their
night  forays.  For a higher cause-


Ann said...

You're not a bat fan, I take it, Judy!

Peggy said...

Interesting move by your city. Great idea though. Better bats than mosquitoes!!

Lynne said...

Nice poem, Judy. There are several bat habitats in a nature area with a creek not too far from me. I think it's a neat idea. If I had my own yard (apartment dweller here) I'd probably build a bat habitat. Love to hear their sonar at work at night.

Mary said...

I never heard of building bat habitats. Your poem was educational for me. (I am not a bat fan either, but it is good they eat mosquotos.)

Bill said...

Has the city fathers lost their mind !