Sunday, November 6, 2011

People Who Know Me Know

I have two addictions:

My drug of choice is Diet Coke,
get high on caffeine with the number I drink.
The other is more general.. no brand names,
just sweets.  Give me a chocolate bar,
a Diet Coke and it’s hard to wipe the smile
off my face or stop my hands from shaking,
until I crash from the sugar and caffeine.

Then I’d like to crawl into a ball,
take a nice long nap.  Naps, I think that might
be my addiction as well.  I’m a sleeper all right.


Mary said...

Judy, it seems you know yourself well. I also admire a person who admits and is somewhat at peace with his/her addictions!

Robert Lloyd said...

LOL you have nailed many a person especially the one I have married. Minus the Diet coke and replace it with wine and she is all for chocolate and then a nap.

Ann said...

I love the word sleeper here, which I look at metaphorically, a sleeper with yet more talents to discover. I raise my diet coke (caffeine-free) to you, Judy!

Peggy said...

Your addictions sound delicious to me!

Mary Mansfield said...

I read your poem as I was working on cup of coffee number 7 today, believe me I understand! Very nicely done.

madhumakhi said...

Diet coke isn't really my drug, but chocolate and sleep are. I think sleep and sweet sin are something people across the world have in common.

Templeton's fury said...

we are of the same tribe. im pretty sure i bleed diet coke at this point. and there is no other food on the planet like chocolate.

Victoria said...

As always you paint yourself real and honest, with a bold powerful bruch, not prettying up - no need.