Monday, November 14, 2011

Electronic Excess

Phone rings, it's my cell
Where is it, in my car!
No, its my home phone,
no, it must be my husbands cell.
Ping! They must have left a text.
I just want to write on my laptop,
at least answer my email.
But Ill use my IPAD so I can
catch the phones, too. 
The door bell rings,
the dog barks, her collar sprays
water in her face so she will stop.
The phone rings again,
Its not my cell, I'll get the door.


Victoria said...

I LOVE this Judy. You have a way with humor, catching real problems in a funny way and this poem really shows that off. The water squirting in the dogs face really truck me funny, though not the dog, I'm sure. We run around trying to figure out which phone too.

Anonymous said...

a guy I know has the Big Top circus theme ring for when work calls him. I laugh everytime I hear it. I am easily amuzed!

Mary said...

It definitely is the age, Judy. One cannot easily determine where those beeps and rings come from. Your poem captured it.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Describes the pandemonium of modern day living perfectly Judy! penny

Ann said...

We can all relate to this...except the dog collar squirting water. Really, Judy?

Mary Mansfield said...

Great depiction of the electronic mayhem we all experience.

Judy Roney said...

I had heard of a collar that will spray water in the dogs face if they bark. Lexi, our toy poodle still barks when Marcy, our niece who has lived with us for a while, comes in or someone comes to the door. It's irratating to put it mildly so I bought the collar works. They say in two weeks she will be trained not to bark when someone comes to the door. :) I'm game.

Peggy said...

Oh can I ever relate to this one! Electronic Excess is the perfect title! I love this poem.

Willow said...

Oh my, too funny…this is a statement as to our technologically hooked up universe, done with tongue in cheek satirical humor as we all run around answering to rings and beeps. Wonderful.