Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She's Thankful

For the beauty in the world around her
the trees full leaved and green , then
brilliant colors, and even naked in
creative stances against the gray of winter.

For her husband by her side some forty
years, and hoping that much more.
Even then she knows it wouldn’t be enough.
For her son that gave her twenty-three years
of a rip roaring ride through little boy laughter,
hugs, and tears. Of an adolescent’s wonderings,
then young adulthood when he became a man.
Even death couldn’t win out, she has him beside
her every step she takes, talks with him, and smiles
as the memories overtake her and she is with him again.

For a daughter full of life and love with her hard working
husband and her little dog. She’s a career woman,
small but strong. She makes her way through a
corporate world. She’s kind and giving and so
much a part of her that she believes her daughter is spirit.

For the daughter who has given her four beautiful
granddaughters and those granddaughters who
have given her renewed life and joy. For the three
great grandsons from one and a great granddaughter
from another that fill her heart with joy. And the gifts -
they keep coming with each moment she spends with them.

She is very thankful for her life.


Peggy said...

Beautiful, beautiful Judy. You are indeed such a very special person. I am honored to know you.

Lynne said...

Beautiful and sublime, Judy.

Willow said...

You are a loving and giving woman, Judy. It exudes from you. Loving and giving come back to you.

Ann said...

You are such an inspiration for seeing the gifts in life, Judy.

Victoria said...

I feel joy and gratitude, delight in reading it.

Mary said...

What a beautiful poem of thankfulness, Judy.

And I am also thankful for YOU.

The Poetry Palace said...

your words speak powerfully,

beautiful imagery.

Bill said...