Monday, October 24, 2011


Energy drinks, b-12 shots, vitamins,
supplements, more coffee please.
I try to get the stamina for another day
through means at my disposal.

I wonder why nothing works well?
I’m tired and feel bogged down.
Guess I’ll have to face the facts,
energy is just a memory.


Mary said...

This is sad, Judy, that you think energy is only a memory. When I have seen you, I have seen 'energy.' I think we all have to make ourselves BELIEVE. And realistically so.

Ann said...

I too see you with lots of oomph, Judy. May this be just a brief lump in the tapioca in life.

Peggy said...

I love the tapioca of life in your comment Ann. And Judy even without energy you seem to have such spirit. I have never had a lot of energy but seem to get going when I need to. Glad you at least have the memory of energy! I like the way you have arranged this poem.

Shersim said...

I don't know, Judy . . . your poem seems energetic to me.