Monday, July 18, 2011

Peal From a Dark Room

(A Grandma’s Lament)

Can you hear the peal
of laughter as you walk by
the darkened room, her room?

That sound gives me  peace,
and even a smile from time to time.
Take my hand, walk softly, tell
me if you hear it, too. Now.

No laughter, no sounds
at all ?  Can’t you her the phone
ring, hear her speak, there, laughter!


Bluebell Books said...

stunning questions,

Peggy said...

Very mysterious Judy...creative direction with this prompt!! Excellently written.

Lynne said...

Oh Judy, this is so sad. It's beautiful writing, but I'm sorry for the circumstances that led to it. I assume this is about Briana.

Judy Roney said...

Yes, Lynne. I have things creaping in about her. I start out writing one thing and other things come.

Victoria said...

This one has me crying and crying. It is so strong, the description of absence, the yearning. I get it, and sit with you in mourning Briana.

Anonymous said...

Poignant, Judy. Sometimes one yearns to hear what one doesn't.

Mary said...

Oops, Anonymous was me!

Laurie Kolp said...

Sounds like a grandma with a good sense of humor!

Poetic Soul said...

This is sad, you ell the pain and longing, the "if only"