Saturday, July 16, 2011


walk with friends, gather family,
embrace our children, spend years
with them at our side so we aren’t alone.

look for a soul mate who won’t leave,
promise to love until death parts, some
even settle so they won’t be alone.

do all we can to have others
to share our lives with, all for
the illusion that we aren’t alone.


Mary said...

Ah yes, Judy, but in the end we are alone...each one of us has a solitary journey, perhaps surrounded by others for a time, but we each are born alone, die alone. Fact of life.

Muhammad Israr said...

WE is the key to a happy life... instead of I, if we think of WE then many problems would be solved...

Ann said...

Shivery to think about being alone, Judy.

Daydreamertoo said...

From the moment of our birth we are born to die. It's what we fill our lives with in between those two importnat dates that matters. If we fill our world with love and we are loved it helps with that feeling or, illusion of our not being 'alone' I think if we can find and come to understanding of our soul's peace within, we don't feel so alone anymore.
Lovely prose.

Lynne said...

Yes, the birthing and the dying, alone, just two chapters in our journey that cannot truly be shared.

Jingle Poetry said...

well done,
bless your week ahead.

Peggy said...

Yes all of us have alone times, they are inevitable, but we do not have to be lonely. That is the key. Excellent poem--made me think.

Victoria said...

I agree that I am the only one I can count on to be present at the moment of my death, but I really don't believe human connection is an illusion. Perhaps I kid myself.
Thought provoking poem.

Bill said...

Makes me think that it is an illusion. After all we face grief alone and in the end we are alone.