Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Art of Light

The green, pristine,
perfection in color and style.
I appreciate each tree leaf,
each Hybiscus bloom.
Then the sun begins
to play across the scene
like an artist of light
and shadows, I gasp at
the change, feel honored
to witness the beauty.


Mary said...

I love the way you describe the sun here -- 'an artist of light and shadows.' Beautiful language in this poem, Judy!

Ann said...

Judy, I love that you notice every leaf, every bloom, and the way the sun changes each.

Linda H. said...

Reading this makes me feel like running into my garden and looking at every leaf, every branch every berry. And I agree with what Mary said--describing the sun as "an artist of light and shadows" is word perfection.

Willow said...

Beautiful, vivid images with a haiku feel to the poem, the rhythm, the nature.

Peggy said...

Wonderful capture of a magic moment in this stone about the play of light on the hybiscus. Love it.