Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Demon Birds

I know my boundaries. Can’t have
games on my computer if I desire
to create, research, email family,
keep up with my writing group,

critique and respond to prompts,
post, read, or work on my book.
I cannot play games, important
work goes untended, games

possess me like a demon
poltergeist. So -  I download
Angry Birds just to see what
people rave about. Since then

have read nothing, done zero,
become torpedo woman slinging
poor birds to their demise as I
try to get them to kill those

damn pigs. Demon be gone! is my
mantra as I poise my finger over
delete so I can get my life back,
right after I play this level five.


Ann said...

Killing little birds? I had no idea. Thank goodness I haven't tried this one. Fun words though, Judy!

Peggy said...

I am impressed you are at level V Judy. LOL After my game got stuck on some ad (at level III, i had to delete and downloaded again and this time I am freeing caged birds and killing demon flying monkeys.

E. Johnson said...

Just wait till you try Angry Birds Rio. Even more fun, if possible.

Anonymous said...

Honest woman..you are..lol..I too cannot even start...CA

Mary said...

I love it, Judy! This makes me chuckle. I'm always itching to play "Angry Birds." Yesterday morning M & I were visiting a friend, and I was carrying my iPad; and I just wanted to get it out and play a few games of Angry Birds while we were talking. I KNEW I could have talked and played. It is so satisfying to kill those pigs! I can't decide if "Angry Birds" is my sanity or insanity. LOL.

Rachel Hoyt said...

Haha. Don't worry. It happens to the best of us. :) Cute poem.

Elizabeth said...

Judy, I so understand. I deleted every game on my hard drive, but have to admit, I still sneak off on occasion and play Tumble Bees. I excuse it by telling myself it's a word game, lol.

Was almost afraid to comment, it sounds like this game might be contageous.


flaubert said...

Just over a year ago I was addicted to computer games, but I have since given up the habit. I wasted a lot of time doing that, Judy. This poem had me laughing, thanks.


pharmacy escrow said...

There are games that just grab you and roll you and make an addict out of you in no time, that happened to me with Quake 3 Arena, I was playing it almost 18 hours a day.