Sunday, April 24, 2011

Each Day at Nine

My watch alarm sounds
I stop what I’m doing
to say a prayer
with my writing group
whose members
span the states. We
send positive energy,
light candles, pray,
whatever it takes
to feel we are doing
something for the one
who is ill.  We may
hope for a cure, pray
for an easier road,
look for a way to
remain hopeful or just
be there in spirit. We
join our thoughts
and voices in prayer,
meditation, and hope.


Mary said...

Each of us in our own way, Judy. We all need something to hold on to, to bring a little bit of hope! God bless you for this poem.

brenda w said...

This is a beautiful snapshot to share with all of us. Thank you.

Peggy said...

Wonderful Judy. I did not know we were doing it together--must have come up when I was on my trip. Turns out I am doing it with you all anyway with my evening candle--6 pm more or less, Pacific Time.

Victoria said...

THere is so much power in the connection of this prayer time, each in our own way.

Kodjo Deynoo. said...

Amen to that, amen again

Mr. Walker said...

Judy, this is lovely, so well stated. I like the different ways you state of showing compassion. We all do what we can and touch each other in our own ways. Thanks for this.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Judy- What a lovely inspiration and show of support you have. Thanks for sharing!


imnotaverse said...

What a wonderful thing to do.

Willow said...

Yes, each night I light the candle and pray too. No candle on my trip to see my Dad, but I imagined it. Well done poem, flows and grabs...hmmm

Lisa Lipscomb said...

This is encouraging~

Bill said...

What a cool idea.