Friday, April 22, 2011

Armchair Politicians and Prophets

Am I the only one in the world
who believes that you don’t talk
politics or religion unless you want

to fight. I listen to people's views,
but why are they offended if I don't
participate? I’m put on the hot seat

lately if I don’t want to prophetilize,
or get on a band wagon, or support my
political views with heated debates.

I stick to my guns but it’s at a cost.
I wonder if I’m the only one in the world
that holds those principles as personal.


Anonymous said...

These days, I think, perhaps, you are.

Mary said...

Points well made. I find some people I can discuss with. Some not. Depends on whether both are wiling to listen as well as speak.

Peggy said...

Good point Judy. Who you are with makes a big difference. I usually don't say much if I don't know the views. I really don't like arguments (I know, you called them debates!)

Judy Roney said...

Good point, Mary. It depends on who you are with. LOL Peggy, you are right, arguments are what they turn out to be. I consider them debates only at the beginning. LOL

Willow said...

Politics and religion, best left unsaid. I avoid these discussions too. Good poem, well done.

Linda said...

It's unfortunate to realize that too many discussions aren't dialogs , but rants.

Victoria said...

I honor your right to privacy on these issues Judy. For me, with people I respect, I want to hear what they think and I want them to know what I think, even if we disagree. With young people who respect me I feel responsible to make my views known. in most other situations I'm quiet too.

Anonymous said...

Judy, wish I could keep it to myself. Here in Madison, there has been a LOT of peaceful protest as well as civil, really civil exchange of opposing views. It's like an art form here... no one tries to change the other's mind; we simply endeavor to capture the essence of the other's view.

Then we pick up our "Recall Walker" signs and they pick up their "Unions are Greedy" signs. But at least we exchange ideas...

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

Dear Judy... I think it is terrific to discuss....but that presupposes something major ...that being that there is a mutual desire to exchange ideas and information along with a willingness to adjust or think about ideas and " facts" that were held prior to the discussion. I don't really believe that politics are private....but in this sometimes overly heated world...if one ( on any perimeter of the fence or side if the aisle ) has no desire to expand or alter one's POV. then it is probably just best to link your political thoughts to something as unchangeable as your eye color and state your position thus... Of course if you would like to share your POV but dislike the arguing, then you can state that as well... Too often folks just launch into discussions assuming people want to have them.... Even a Jehovah Witness knocks first on the door...! More knocking would lead to more civil and perhaps even enlightening exchanges... and a better understanding that we have more similarities stripped of ranting than differences. The problem with keeping silent is that points of view can be created and attributed to you and " yours" that you may not
share at all. Well.........OBVIOUSLY A THOUGHT and DISCUSSION provoking poem. BRAVO! ( now what did you think about.........?

Judy Roney said...
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Judy Roney said...

I love the feedback I'm getting. You have some interesting thoughts, poetic friends.