Wednesday, March 23, 2011


She cried tears to fill an ocean but no one saw.
No one heard the sobs racking her body
or when she tried to move on, go on, lift herself up.
After she jumped everyone wondered why.
What could they have done if they had seen?

They saw her vibrancy, her abilities, her gifts,
the joy of being  around her; her presence and her
smile was a gift. They saw she produced, helped
others, was vital just by existing. They don’t
know why, they never will.

Everywhere they go now they see her tears,
see her face, recognize the legacy she leaves
with her tear stained life. They know it wasn’t
their fault, it wasn’t about them, but still they
see her face, her life, her hopelessness captured
on the walls of their minds. They wait with dread

for even that vision to fade one hue at a time
for where there is no future, there is no vision.


Willow said...

Sad, sad, sad poem, Judy eerie too

Elizabeth said...

I liked how you found a way to capture all of the solid but indifferent surroundings within the whole image, and incorporate them into her story.


flaubert said...

Judy, a nicely woven story set to the art.


gautami tripathy said...

Such a beautiful interpretation of the street art!

face on the wall

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

The face demands a response, doesn't it? And I love your response. It was heart wrenching, and a reminder of so many who give up and fade into the darkness though they have many gifts for themselves and the world around them.


Victoria said...

Haunting Judy. I just read it six times straight through, Suicide does haunt, as does the face in the prompt.

Tilly Bud said...

Oh, how sad. And sadly, all too true.

brenda w said...

Judy, Your deep exploration of the girl's expression turned into something beautiful and tragic. I like "hopelessness captured on the walls of their mind." Great line!

Mary said...

A strong poem on a difficult subject, Judy! A portrait, with an extremely strong ending.

Celestial Dreamz said...

Oh I loved reading it. haunting ... kinda stays with one...