Friday, February 11, 2011

House and Home

My grandparents live in an elongated shotgun house
in Memphis. The flowers grandma plants around
the house and steps are a source of beauty for them
and a joy for all who witness the bursts of color
in bloom all summer and spring.

The pride they have for this house that has
no extra room or spaces is evident in the way
they live and the way they welcome guests.
Neighbors, people from the church, old friends,
and their burgeoning family gather here. The olive
green house expands to hold us all. When winter
comes it’s a shock to see the stark snow after
so much color. But, my, oh, my, the smells inside

from the baking ham in that old stove produces
succulence and desire. The cakes that sits to cool
atop the washer and dryer in the utility room sends
the scents of vanilla and sugar that become ambrosia
and draws us close. That fragrant concoction wafts out
into the streets. I wrap myself up in the feelings
the minute I see Grandma’s smile and her wide open arms
that rivals the fireplace for warmth and I am home.


Peggy said...

What a wonderful description of a warm and welcoming house. Never heard of a shotgun house but it is an interesting name.

Judy Roney said...

I was told they are shotgun houses because you could stand at the front door of a house and shoot and the bullet would go through every room wihtout hitting a wall. This is a photo from the Magpie Tales prompt and I think it might be a shotgun house. :)

Mary said...

A beautiful piece of writing, Judy, appealing to so many sense and giving the reader a strong sense of family traditions.

Willow said...

Beautiful painted scene, just I always say you paint with words, your painting and you poetry have merged, along with your rich observance of history and people and landscape. Brava!

Bill said...

Makes me hungry.

Bee's Blog said...

What a deliciously cozy piece you have written.

This is the second take I have read on #52 that mentions a shotgun house. I didn't know what is was so I did some research, By the time I arrived here I'd been educated!

Lena said...

oooh, those smells that bring memories straight back. I've even got one for each perfume I wear..!!

Ostensible Truth said...

oh so nice!!! so very serene and homely!! the welcoming house - the smells, sights, smiles!! lovely!

Jingle said...

Thanks for stopping by..

lovely poetry.
keep it up.

Old Ollie said...

Love the term "shotgun" house. Nice little story.

tOuCh said...

Love this, brings back some warm memories. Still see some of those "shotgun" houses.