Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Opening Day

I stretch and yawn but not wildly
So as not to disturb puppy poking
in my ribs or my husband spooned
on my back, legs entwined in mine.

The soft white cotton
That covers us floats off
Our bodies as my one free foot
Moves to the moment, as I awaken
With my bed mates. Sunshine

Glows through the bamboo slats
At our windows. A bird begins
His morning song from far away
As senses come to us all. Our
Movements are choreographed
In the opening day of life forward.


Mary said...

What a wonderfully relaxing beginning of the day. A lovely piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful: calm and caring.

flaubert said...

Judy, you have described a beautiful scene of waking up.

Elizabeth said...

Love the peace and contentment you describe. This liesurely moment is felt with deep satisfaction,


Lynne said...

This is just beautiful, Judy. What a wonderful way to begin your day.

lightverse said...

What a wonderful way you have of waking up. So refreshing and comfortable!

Peggy said...

Beautiful wake-up Judy. Full of just-right warmth and comfort. What a good opening day for the the rest of life!

barbara said...

pleasant setting

Willow said...

You paint pictures with your words, Judy. You are an artist through and through.

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful writing!

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