Friday, January 21, 2011

Conversation with A Friend

I tried so hard to make our family strong,
strived to get us all working together,
felt stronger with the four of us there,
worked to see the children blossom,
have every opportunity, everything
I could provide I did. I know ...

I don’t know what went wrong!
Did I not try hard enough,
do enough good, say the right things,
provide enough stability so they
were grounded and always felt safe?
Did I? Of course you ...

Am I the one that didn’t stretch far enough,
didn’t cover all the basis, who took a left turn
when it should have been a sharp right?
What did I do that was so wrong, devastating
enough to break the dream apart? You did
the best …

You keep interrupting me but I don’t want
you to say the words. I know I wasn’t the
best mom, best parent. I don’t need
for anyone to tell me what I know.
I just want to know there is something
I can do to fix things. What can I do?

Yep, that’s what I thought you’d
say. You are no help.


ms pie said...

ohh, that's a great post!!! the wrong of right...

Mary said...

Painful, Judy. Truly painful. But I think we always have to remember....what we do is out of love, and we tried our darnedest to do the right thing.

gracefulglider said...

wow.. really deep poem but so true too..

Thanks For sharing

P said...

Judy, excellent poem. I really see the emotional vampire in this. Draining indeed.