Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness

The girl told her grandma,
whom she loved and felt deep
connection to, that she wasn’t
happy in her marriage. The abuse
takes it's toll, Grandma, and some
days I find it hard to crawl

out of bed.
The grandmother
in the wisdom of her century said,
You made your bed,now lie in it.
The girl never told her grandma
how crushed she was or that she
would learn to make her bed
in a different way.


Elizabeth said...

And the hurt is a hard one to resolve. I was told the same thing, and learned to make the bed in a different manner. But the sadness of that seeming rebuke was a long time in leaving,


Anonymous said...

The unthinking wounds people give are deplorable. I hope the newly made bed was a happier one.

barbara said...

Grandma had probably been sleeping (or not) around the lumps for decades, not knowing there were new mattresses out there.

Judy Roney said...

Barbara, that cracks me up. Lots of ways to see this, huh. One great thing about living today instead of Grandma's time is that women have more of a say so in how they will make that bed or even if. LOL

Anonymous said...

wise girl - who says the bed can only be made once? or that grandma's are necessarily right?

Mary said...

Just saying......

Don't always listen to grandma!

Tilly Bud said...

A good comment on how generations view the world differently.

gautami tripathy said...

What does grandma know anyways? The girl did right!


Anonymous said...


Your choice of third-person struck me in an interesting way, because it seemed so remote, but through your words the pain was still very palpable.


Bill said...

Thats cool.

Anonymous said...

Very well written
Very Imaginative
Nice Thoughts ..
Take a look on mine ..

Linda H. said...

Short on words, big on meaning. This is wonderfully written, Judy.

Bill said...

Grandma was only speaking the way she knew. It is different now. Equal respect. Do not hold it against Grandma. You were her favorite.