Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elvis at Night

Elvis said God doesn’t pay attention at night.
Darkness brings ghosts and grief,
debauchery and melancholy. Thieves
and rapists roam and reach those nestled
in, The shadows steal innocence, safety
and trust from us. Elvis might be right.


Peggy Goetz said...

Chilling poem Judy. I hope Elvis is not right.

Diane T said...

Elvis might be right, indeed!!!

Victoria said...

Yes, chilling! I do hpe Elvis was wrong.

Willow said...

I recall a song, a phrase perhaps before the song, "They only come out at night." One night while waiting in a car at a gas station, observing the people about, I thought, how true. I think Elvis is right. Excellent poem, Judy.

Mary said...

I never knew Elvis said that. Must be a song I don't know. If he did say that, I would argue with him.

Bill said...

I bet he was hoping God didn't pay attenion at nigh. LOL