Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wayward Hair

(PAD for day 13.)

I wonder why that hair on the back
of Bill’s head sticks up now when it always
acquiesced to the shape of his head before.

Is it because he is older, grayer, his hair more
course so it springs up to Alfalfa proportions?

I’m researching gooey things with names
like Maneuver Working Wax, Hold Still,
Work Hard Molding Paste, Grip Tight
Holding Gel, Get r Done Pomade,
and Stand Tough Extreme Gel.
I mean to get to the resolution
of these wayward hairs! Hope Bill cooperates.


Mary said...

Good luck with your research. I think the names of each of those products would make a poem title! How about a poem called "Grip Tight" or "Hold Still." When I think about it, titles are everywhere!

Diane T said...

Oh, this poem gives me a smile!

Peggy said...

Very funny Judy. I do hope Bill will have a sense of humor about it!! I say just let it be wild!

Judy Roney said...

I'll find out soon enough how funny this is when he reads it. LOL He's used to being writing material for me but I don't know how happy he'll be to see it posted. LOL He is a good sport though. We are sitting here in the study each at the computer and I find myself a bit tense with expectation. I expect a thunderous, "JUDY, What did you do now!"