Friday, November 12, 2010

This Hour

This is my Wordle for We Write Poems:

I divine the wisdom of the ages, my ancient blood
knows what I have forgotten. I give in to the night
hour and take stock of my resident life and ask
within for help so I don’t make a mockery of what
has been given to me through my DNA, through
the life force of my ancestors.


Mary said...

I like this poem, Judy. Important to use what has been given us, what has passed to us through our DNA

Diane T said...

I very much appreciate this poem judy. Very well written!

Lynne said...

Very important poem, Judy. It amazes me how you created it from the list of words and it turned out so beautifully.
Love, Lynne

Peggy Goetz said...

You did a great job with the wordle, Judy. I found it a kind of odd bunch of words when I tried it. I guess I should go post.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nothing superfluous, and packed with meaning. A brilliant use of the words in the prompt, and yours in part echoes some of the meaning of the poem by the poet whose words I stole. (Who is this person? I ain't tellin' :>)


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely poem - it reads like a prayer. I'm glad you sorted out the IT problem!

gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful work, Judy!

forgone and forgotten

flaubert said...

This is beautiful and yes we should use what has been given to us by DNA.

Derrick said...

Beautifully compact and carrying a wisdom of its own.