Tuesday, November 16, 2010


First a word,
then another.
Begin at the top,
the first line’s the key
to what lies below. A thought
or a scene floats in the mind, is put
to paper, honed down to just the essentials
Tell a story or simply string words to form visions,
beauty, enlightenment, or emotion for all those who read.


Diane T said...

rather an inspirational poem Judy!

Diane T said...

rather an inspirational poem Judy!

Peggy Goetz said...

And you are good at poeming!

flaubert said...

I like what you did with prompt.

Mary said...

You have definitely captured 'poeming' here. Nice 'stacking' poem.

Willow said...

Perfect description for the birth of a poem, Judy...excellent birthing!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a keeper about how to write a poem. You really nailed this, Judy!

Lynne said...

Well shoot, I seem to have this "anonymous" thing going on, Judy. Again, it's me.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Exactly! You describe writing poetry perfectly.