Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Move to Move

The new study is bright with three windows instead of the one
I’d grown used to. I have a new computer with a huge screen
That blocks a lot of my view out one but the other two compensate.

I see the scenes unfold outside, little tidbits to tease me
away from my den and into the world. A neighbor walks
her dogs, each larger than she, pound for pound. Toy poodle
Lexi stares up at me from the floor and I say, I know, I know.

A hibiscus blooms red in my right window scene. My favorite
flower clothed in it’s finest color entices me. Palm trees wave
to the music of breeze and sunshine, their frond fingers beckon.
The oak trees shade and cool the lawn and I’m sure they would
do me the same favor if I decided to sit under their fan. Just
move, they wave and nod, we’ll take care of the rest.


Mary said...

What a beautiful and peaceful scene you have painted with your words. It sounds like a lovely study to spend time in.

Diane T said...

Sounds like a beautiful place, Judy. I know, I know,with Lexi, LOL.

Claudia said...

ah - what a lovely place to study...outside the window of my workplace are waving three flags and want to seduce me to join there windy dance..and some days, i'd love to give in...smiles

Anonymous said...

Lovely piece, Judy. You're keeping up with the PAD! My favorite part was your comment to the pup: "I know, I know." Such a dog-person moment!

Amy BL