Thursday, November 4, 2010


Contained within these walls
Is a woman and a man and their lives
Etched out in tangibles like computers
Journals, chairs, and a little toy poodle
Named Lexi.

Contained within these hearts is a love
For each other and their kids, grandkids
And great grandkids that defy explanation
Or just don’t need one. They hold on to their
Friends with grace and each other with passion.

Contained in these walls is a home built
By two full of mementos of other times
Over the past 40 years and memories, so
Many rich memories of children and the life
They didn’t even know to dream about.

Contained here is joy held onto tightly
Each day and a life lived well. Are you dancing?
He will ask her and she knows what he means.
As fast as I can, she says as she glides into
His arms and they dance the dance of life.


Diane T said...

Things that defy explanation... Oh, what the heck... ENJOY!!!

Mary said...

Beautifully felt poem and beautifully expressed, Judy! I love picturing you dancing the dance of life.....

Victoria said...

Yes, a beautiful poem of creation and fruitfulness - and I understand the love and the fact of having created and still containingriches of all sorts you never dreamed possible.

Willow said...

Beautiful poem of affirmation for the life you and Bill made together.