Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food for Thought

Some meals are better the next day.
I love leftovers, chili made today
is better when warmed over tomorrow
and even better the next day.

Some poems are richer after they sit,
after I look with new eyes at a later time.
When I read something I posted right away
I’m sometimes shocked at mistakes I didn’t
see, or wording that doesn’t convey my thoughts.


flaubert said...

Judy I agree with you on the chili.
As for the poems I can relate. Well done!

Diane T said...

I agree as to certain foods tasting better the next day. As to your style of poetry, I love it, doesn't matter what you write!

Mary said...

Ah yes, I agree about some meals (leftover pizza too - lol) AND poetry. Well stated!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I love leftovers, especially chili, soups, that sort of thing... and I agree with you about poetry too, mine are almost always better when they've sat for a while. Great "Food for Thought".

Tilly Bud said...

I like the juxtaposition of food & poetry.

Willow said...

I agree as to many leftovers and like the analogy with letting a poem sit.

gautami tripathy said...

I fully agree with that!

a subtle hint

ms pie said...

love those two little magical bits of this and that... i want to savory the full flavor and the words so true

Jingle said...


Jingle said...
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Rashmi said...

Each of your poems sound great to me.
Just love to read and enjoy each one.
Your style is simple and attractive.

Jingle said...

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