Saturday, October 2, 2010


Driving up the mountain. Temp
sixty-four degrees, the sun filters

through the trees and lands on my
white car as a rainbow of color. Leaves

swirl down around me, changing as
they prepare for the October art show

that encompasses these mountains, turning
the green canvas into shades of orange.
Corn stalks, scarecrows, and pumpkins

everywhere. Pastels and whites
of the golfers to the left, one

with his head raised soaking in
the sun and cool breeze on his face,

"Freedom" playing on the CD and I am...


flaubert said...

A beautiful scene you have created here, Judy.

Anonymous said...

You have made the scene come alive in all its moods and colours.

Deborah said...

Wonderful ... freedom indeed!

Susannah said...

Oh, I really enjoyed this. You described the scene so well I felt I had experienced it too. Wonderful.

Jingle said...

love your work, Judy.
keep it up!

Jingle said...

two awards for you,
invite you to join us at jingle poetry….

Strummed Words said...

I like the feeling in your poem of freedom in the colorful outdoors. Very nice.