Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Road Construction

Construction on Route 40 has begun
I’ve read that it might take months to clear
the high ways of rocks from the big rock slide.

The financial impact on our county is something’
I had not realized but it stands to reason
supplies can’t get through so they will have to go
hours out of their way when they take the detour.

Some rocks fell, that is what I thought. I did
not realize that some of the “rocks” were as
big a a house and hauling them away , repairing
the roads and preventing this from happening
again is not a small task.


Mary said...

What a tragedy and what a difficult situation and how hard to fix. Nature is unpredictable and sometimes not kind.

Victoria said...

What a mess Judy,m and I like that you cptured it in a poem - a bit of history with personal perspective. Well done.

Diane T said...

Your poem definitely brings this newsworthy situation to life!