Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Love

No love there
Where pessimism reigns
And paranoia trails after
feelings of inferiority.
No love offered, none given
Furthermore none wanted
It would just complicate a life
Already in the throes of clinical
Depression, feelings of self
Loathing and desires to keep
From interacting with anyone.


Diane T said...

Excellent poem Judy, and so true. There are times we all need to recognize this. Hugs to you.

Mary said...

This poem is very sad...life without love would be a hard life. Depression would not help. Seems like it would be a vicious circle and difficult to find a way out.

Victoria said...

sad sccinct poem. It fits a few people I know very well - nails the despair in which they live. You pull no punches. I just spent an hour with someone who feels like the voice in your poem, and the poem helps me process.