Friday, November 6, 2009

Ground Cover

The ground is covered
With dead brown leaves
That crunch when you walk
And blow around in flocks

They leave the trees bare
Change the scenery
Open the world up
To display the inner layers.

The leaves were glorious
When first covered the ground
In shades of red, yellow and orange
But now they lay used up
Browned by the sun, then wasted.

Judy Roney
November 6, 2009


Mary said...

Wonderful poem, and so TRUE of this season of the year.

Mary said...

This really is an excellent poem, Judy. It captures autumn vividly.

Victoria said...

I love the way winter "opens up the sky". You caqtch it well. I can't believe the leaves are wasted but that they are part of the cycle of life, giving their nutrients back to the earth to support new life.