Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And Then

Life will seem normal for a while
The TV will be on in the background
You’ll be typing away at the computer
He’ll be reading the newspaper
And slurping from his glass of sweet tea
But you will know it’s all a farce
This feeling of contentment
That life will begin again in earnest
Soon enough. You will try to explain
Yourself to no avail. He will stare at
You and then walk off, disgust
Written on his face and filtering through
The air. He’ll write you a note
And tell you he is sick of playing second
String to a computer and all the protestations
You can express will fall on deaf ears
As his face screws up and you wonder
Why it is that he can’t realize that you
Work on the computer just like he does
When he goes off to work outside the home.
And then you’ll realize that you don’t get paid
For your work so his trumps yours and maybe
You are just playing and taking up time, taking up space.

Judy Roney
November 20, 2009


Mary said...

I am not sure what to say about this one, beyond the fact that I am sure he is not second string to the computer....it is just that so much that you/we do on our computers is so necessary and important to you/us in so many ways.....but not more important than those we love.

Judy Roney said...

I just wanted to say, Mary, that this poem is not true of me and Bill. I wrote it after Bill made a comment to me about the computer and took others experiences and then wrote the poem. He does joke about me being on the computer a lot..that is what got me started. He's never looked at me disqusted about it, for instance. Those are the words of someone else who discribed her boyfriend's reaction to her computer time. :) I just put them all together.