Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now That You Are Gone

Now that you are gone
I think of you night and day
when I hardly thought of you
before.I just took you for granted,
thought you’d always be here.

Now that you are gone
I know how it’s impossible to know
just how many people you affected,
how many people will miss you.I
didn’t realize how important we
each are to the whole.

Now that you are gone
I think about the way our group
dynamic works, that when one
leaves the group, the hole is visible
and deep, that it cuts each of us
and that things will never be
the same. No one can replace you.

Judy Roney


Sue said...

Beautiful Judy. Thanks for this.

Victoria said...

Good reminder about how much I take for granted. Here's my "Now That You ARe GOne" for Dolly.


Now that you are gone
I wish that I had asked
more questions, probed
deeper, offered more love.

Now that you are gone
I vow to ask my friends
more questions, probe
deeper, offer more love.

Victoria Hendricks. May 21, 2009

Peggy said...

All these are wonderful Judy and the photo is such a nice one of Dolly. She looks so relaxed and happy. Thanks for posting these.

Judy Roney said...

Victoria, I am so glad you added one of your poignant poems about Dolly and about friendship. It is so good. I hope others will post theres if they want to.

Bill said...

Beautiful poem.

Mary said...

You have described well what happens when one of a group 'leaves.' Whether it be a friend or family member. As I think about it, this could also apply to someone leaving by moving away, just losing contact, or another kind of leaving besides death Very good poem.