Sunday, April 19, 2009

This Is How It Feels

How does it feel to be Mrs. Filipkowski
I ask my newly wedded daughter
Unbelievable, mom. I didn’t think
there would be such a big difference
I loved him so much then, I love him
more today, I can’t get this grin off my face.
I feel like I’ve entered this magical land.

My son-in-law, newly formed
asks me to dance after his dance
with his mother. I hung on to him
and cried onto his shoulder
as I thought of this dream come true
just the two of us on that dance floor,
that I would dance with a son at his
wedding dance. I told him I loved him
and he told me back. I said I appreciate
that you asked me to dance a mother- son
dance with you. I never thought I’d get
to dance that dance with my son gone
but here you are fulfilling yet another
dream for me, the first one was to love
my daughter in the way that you do.
Dreams do come true, and heaven
sometimes is right here on earth.


Mary said...

Judy, it sounds like you had a wonderful dance with your son-in-law! I am so happy for you and all of the joy you have in your heart!

Victoria said...

This one has me in unexpected tears - family shifts on us so - the mother son dance lost, then regained. Such is life. Love is stronger than loss, and sometimes hits out of a clear blue sky, just like loss.

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