Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Hard To Be Angry Today

I need to write an angry poem;
that’s todays prompt and I try
but it’s hard to be angry
when there’s so much love around.

My daughter just married
a wonderful guy and I’m a mother-in-law.
The wedding party was here last night
so full of love that it was magical.
I can’t even search for anger today
it’s just doesn’t exist right now.

My husband and I are ready to mark
thirty-nine years of marriage
by taking a cruise to Scandanavia
with our daughter’s new in-laws
for a further bonding experience
with two people we cherish already.
We will learn to dance from these
professional dancers who swear
no one is unteachable…they haven’t
danced with me though so I know
I’m going to make a record breaking
hard case for them but yet I go,
so its hard to be angry right now.

I walk through my house, on the grounds
through the gazebo dedicated to my son
decorated with daisies and light.
I feel so thankful for all the people
who came last night to celebrate this
event with our daughter, her husband,
with us. Each of them so loving and helpful
leaving us with a clean house and incredible
memories.So, it’s hard to find something to
be angry about right now.

Perhaps tomorrow I can find angry
about something or feel it towards
someone but today, it’s hard to be
angry when I’m so in love.

Judy Roney
April 19, 2009


Mary said...

I do understand how sometimes it is hard to look at a negative emotion when you are feeling so positive about life!

I say...don't force the negative, as it will come again in its own time, uninvited.

Glenda said...

Judy, enjoy every minute of this happiness. As you well know, all can change in a hearbeat. Grasp the wonderful times you have right now. The prompt says to write about anger and you did.
I think you did write about it in a delightful way.

Victoria said...

Sweetness, sweetness, sweetness - never too much sweetness. I love that you are at this joyous place (and you sure worked hard to be/get there on many different levels and in many different ways.)

Diane T said...

Judy, I like the way you completed this challenge very much. It IS hard to write about anger when you don't have anything at the moment to be angry about. Savor this time!