Sunday, April 12, 2009

So We Decided…

So we decided to stay home
give them a party on their return
from Antigua, an island far away.

They got married on the beach
have room service and rest by the pool
sip drinks with those tiny umbrellas
live life now as Mr. and Mrs.

We’re sad now that we didn’t go,
sad we didn’t see and hear the I do’s,
see our daughter transform into
a Filipkowski, watch as he
becomes our son.

Happy wedding my dear daughter
we love knowing your life is flowing
in directions we all dreamed of.

Welcome to our family son-in-law
we will treasure you and love you, too
for you have given us the greatest gift
the love you have for our daughter.


Mary said...

Wow, Robert's prompt today fit right in with what you are thinking today, the day AFTER your daughter became Mrs. Flipkowski. The poem has so many I am sure you do. A very loving poem.

Judy said...

Mary, I was glad that I was able to write something about Jeni and Tom getting married. I want to read a poem to them when people do their toasts on Saturday. I might even read this...since nothing else has appeared yet and my brain is too scrambled with preparations to make something happen.

Diane T said...

Judy, I think you will always treasure this poem written at the time your daughter got married. I wish your daughter and her new DH every happiness!