Monday, April 13, 2009

Death of the Muse

I love to paint
Create with my hands, my mind, my spirit.
I can’t draw, can’t paint what I want to
but if I get an idea that stays with me
that painting will bug me until it's done.

I wonder at the artistic muse
when and why it strikes
how to summon it when I’m dry
facing that empty canvas.

Every time I hit a dry spell,like now,
I think it’s the death of my art
that the ability has left me
as suddenly as it came
and I wonder
does the inspiration leave me
and go on to another lost soul
who needs to paint to get through
who needs a brush to find their way
who needs to re-create their loved one
and find they can do it on canvas now.

I could let go easier if that were the case
If the art didn’t just wither and die.


Victoria said...

Mary, interesting about you and the painting muse. I do't know how it works either, but I hope she visits you again soon.

Mary said...

OOPS, I think Victoria thought she was talking to me.

Anyway, Judy, I do think your WRITING muse is very active right now, so your PAINTING muse is sitting back waiting for 'her' turn when perhaps the writing muse will feel like retreating for a while!

I have faith that your painting muse will appear again with inspiration you cannot even imagine right now!

Judy said...

Mary, I really like your thoughts on my painting muse..that the writing muse is in control right now. That makes me take a sigh of relief thinking that perhaps I just have too many things right now to concentrate enough on painting. Thanks. :)

Diane T said...

Judy, sometimes I've noticed that it is very hard to focus on two pursuits at the same time. I have seen this with golf and writing --and also knitting and painting. Also painting and writing. Sometimes one takes away from the other for a time; but the other is there waiting on the sidelines to return!

Victoria said...

Sorry - I did goof on whose blog, whose poem, whose muse. Sometimes I go through too fast and mix authors and works. I hope for you Judy what I aimed at Mary - that the painting muse visits again soon - and it isinteresting what has been written about the relationship between muses.

Lynne said...

Judy, I have no doubt your painting muse will rise again and again. I agree with the thoughts here - each muse needs to take her turn at center stage. Nice poem.