Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Worship

I wait for the cool
Long for long sleeves
Dream of fireplace scene
As I write my poetry
Read my book
Spread the afghan over my knees
As I knit it.

Excitement is a snow flake
Learning about hoar frost
Snow storms, sleet, and black ice

The northerners talk
Of furnace and snow blowers
Snow rakes and de-icers

I think of the beauty
In my pious ways
The environs of this
Mystical land
That I don’t have to
Walk and live in

I worship from afar.


Victoria said...

I like your winter worship poem. I remember when we learned about hoarfrost.

Mary said...

I too like your winter are lucky you can worship the 'mystical land' of snowstorms and furnaces from afar! LOL