Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Nov 3 - Night

Moon Glow Nights

Dusky dark
moon glow
stars that shine
night air crisp
lights of a plane
an owl hoots
light illuminates homes
families gather
music soft and slow
the country gears down
for slumber and dreams
on moon glow nights like this.


Victoria said...

I like your moon glow night poem Judy - nurturing, reassuring, restful.

Mary said...

This poem gives me a great feeling of peacefulness and makes me breathe deeply and smile, as I thnk about families gathering, soft music, and moon glow nights!

Judy said...
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Judy said...

Mary, what a cute photo of Violet At first I guessed it was Tulip but then I thought Violet because she had her outfit on. LOL
Love it!

Peggy said...

Moon glow nights is such a neat image--and the poem gives a real feel of peacefulness. Beautiful photos on your site as well! (And Mary you are looking more like your beloved dogs every day LOL)

Willow said...

I like your poem, Judy...and your blog, how it looks and poems and all that you share, and the title. Is this blog in addition to "It is what it is?"

Lynne said...

Your blog is really beautiful to read, Judy, and the photos are very pretty too. I haven't been able to comment for some reason, but I just read that you made some changes that might help, so I'll give it a try again!

Judy said...

Hoorah, Lynne, you made it. I'm so glad you made the comment again about not being able to respond because I did change a lot of things and it works! Glad to see you here!
Thanks to everyone who comments. I love to see you here because it helps to feel like I'm being "read". :)
Yes, Willow, this is in addition to It Is What It Is. This is strickly my poetry blog. I may combine them again in a while because I won't post every poem I write except that I did in November for the Chapbook Challenge. Going with the flow here now.
Mary and Victoria, I'm glad you saw and felt what I did when I wrote this poem. Thanks friends!

Janet said...

Judy, I love your poems as they are poignant but full of life and hope. It often takes a tragedy to awaken an appreciation of what we do have and all that is. You are a strong woman. Happy I can post on your poetry blog. I will visit again.

Judy said...

Janet = Is it really you! SO glad you could comment on this one. I guess I'll never figure out why you can't post on the It Is What It Is. Thank you for your kind words about my poetry. I think you are right, one of the gifts Brian left me is the ability to enjoy so much each day. I know how vulnerable we really are and how things can change on a dime. Wonderful seeing you here.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem, Judy, and photo too. Your blog is growing and growing, and obviously the PAD challenge brought about many good poems and a sense of accomplishment for everyone. I'm happy you did it.

Willow said...

PS: Anonymous is me...sorry