Saturday, November 29, 2008

PAD29 - Outsider Poem

Reclaim Your Life

If we live we will face
loss so raw it opens
us up to places we would
never choose to go. Death

is part of living but it
doesn’t have to own us.
We can live in its wake
take our lives back
one tiny bit at a time

for however long that takes.
We can honor our loved ones
by finding our way back
and honor ourselves by reclaiming
each day and cherish in ways
not possible before.

Judy Roney
November 29, 2008


Mary said...

I agree about honoring ourselves and our loved ones by the way we live our lives.

Darrell said...

Well put Judy. You nailed it. 'Nuff said.

Victoria said...

Yes - we ake our altars to our dead by the way we live our lives - our actions.