Thursday, November 27, 2008

PAD26 - Call-To-Action Poem


Everyone says be quiet
don’t mention suicide
it will encourage others
we’ll have an epidemic
on our hands.

Being quiet, shushing voices
is a disservice to people who suffer
the message is that depression is
weakness, it should be hidden
people believe it, both those
who suffer and those who care
people suffer at least, die at worst.

Not treating depression is like
denying diabetic insulin.
Clinical depression untreated
is deadly in some cases, in my son’s case.

I want another chance, but I won’t get it.
I want to shout to the universe
this is important, this is vital.

College students need to know,
Our high school students need a class.
The elderly need resources available.
We could make sure this disease isn’t
swept under a rug, discounted or dismissed.

We could be more understanding and helpful.
It is possible that we could save a life.
We aren’t God but we can help. I wish
I could speak to every teenager and say
this is important, it’s not shameful, it’s a
disease and it is an epidemic.

If we loose 30,000 people a year to suicide,
that is an epidemic. If three times that many
die from suicide but it’s covered up
or unsubstantiated, that is an epidemic.
I want to tell the world to take it seriously.
We can only do so much but if we have the
facts, we can do something.


Mary said...

Judy, your poem defintely makes good points..and IS a 'call to action' for sure...suicide is something that must be mentioned and people given resources, not just denied or hidden away.

Victoria said...

The call to action is powerful and right on - and I choke on your cry from the heart "I want another chance and I won't get it."