Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PAD 22 - Response Poem

In Response to my "love" earlier. I put the original poem in normal font and the answers are in italics. I don't like this poem but it was holding up the works for the other days, which I have already completed so here goes.

Answers :

I loved my Dad,
He said he loved me
that I was special
and the abuse got worse.
Misplaced love. Loss of childhood.

I did love you, Judy
I didn’t know how to show
you were special to me
but alcohol was my master
I got caught up in a cycle
People can only give what they have.

My first husband said
he loved me and would
even spout scripture as
he beat my head against the wall.
Mistaken love. Loss of dreams.

I wanted you to be my wife
I wanted to love you, too
I didn’t know how to be a husband
I didn’t know how to be a man
Sometimes people try hard but they don’t have the tools.

I love you like my own mother
said Gracie before she pulled off
the burglary of our business and
took everything meaningful to me
from our safe, not to mention the money.
Con love. Loss of safety.

I loved you like my own mother, Judy
Just like I told you I did
My mother abandoned me when I was two
I only imagined she’d care like you
I left Mexico with good intentions
I’m sorry you got caught in my failure
to be the type of person you thought I was.

The Bible says Jesus loves me
I believed, I knew he’d take care
of my children, that was my only prayer.
Enchanted love. Loss of faith.

You are precious to me, Jesus says
through the Bible he tells me so
though I’ve had my life shattered
along with my faith
I’m trying to pick up the pieces
never doubting He was there. I
wouldn’t be here if He didn’t care.

I love you, Mom, I love you so much
were the last words
I ever heard from my son
before he died by his own hand.
Sometimes love just isn’t enough.
Loss of heart.

I know you loved me son, I believe that
with all my heart. I know you couldn’t stay
you weren’t strong enough. You knew we’d
carry on where you couldn’t. We’d find our
way, your love is our light. You couldn’t have
known how deep our love for you. You weren’t
a father, you couldn’t know. I forgive you
I love you, I always will. You’re my boy,
my precious, my one and only son.

Judy Roney

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Mary said...

Judy, I like the way you did this...giving answers to the verses of your original poem. Very effective poetry.