Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Wolf's View

I was thinking the other day
how parents dutifully, consistently
read to their small children
the fairy tale starring me.

I’ve enjoyed the notoriety, bask in the glow
of the squirmy little morsels all scared
to think of me, my teeth,  and my grasp
as I gobble them up.

That doesn’t worry anyone, especially
not me.  I like the part coming up the most.
It’s about how I took advantage of a bedridden
granny and ate her for dinner. Makes the little
ones shiver.

The story has been told in different
ways…the outcome is the same. I pose
as granny then so I can gobble up
the little girl in red, too.  Oh, yummy.

I don’t think anyone believes the part
about the woodsmen saving them both
and cutting the granny from my belly?
And granny lives? Oh, please! 

(write a poem in the voice of a fairy tale character)


Emma Major said...

fantastic, we've seen some great backwards fairy tales recently and they're so much fun

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Delightful! This deserves a good read-aloud to my students, and so I shall! I'm sure they'll think it's delightful too!

Mary said...

Ha, Judy, this made me smile. I chuckled at you playing the part of this evil wolf. You wrote the part well, and I agree with your ending. "Oh please!" indeed!

Libby Meador said...

I remember read-alouds when my kids were little of fairy tales from the "other" point of view. Good for laughs, but I think it's a technique to unmold our "my way or the highway" mode of thinking.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I really enjoyed this. A fun write with a slightly dark undertone: why must we scare children with tales of 'bad men/wolves'? Because they are out there and the happily ever after is not guaranteed.

anthonynorth said...

Beautifully light hearted take on how fairy tales reoccur. Great write.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

I so enjoyed this! A light-hearted romp!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the wolfish tone of this poem and snickered over the "oh, please!" hee hee. Good one.

Heaven said...

Enjoyed the voice ~ This is a nice and light read on Sunday afternoon ~

Jack said...

I pictured the anthropomorphic wolf in granny gear...snorting the "oh please!"

The tone is great, like a flippant remembrance of a long career.

Valleypoet said...

Enjoyed how did the wolf swallow an old lady and a child whole...'oh please!'

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Loved your choice of character. It always disturbed me that the wolf, who was only acting true to his nature, was sacrificed and cut open. And right, swallowing Granny whole. God, the whole story gave me nightmares~! Well done! Amy

Sara McNulty said...

Judy, this is hysterical, as is the picture.

Jules said...

It is those things we fear that are really acting quite naturally...but then how many of us know talking wolfs?...
Perhaps we know more than we realize.
So glad you enjoyed my offering.

This also reminded be of 'Rocky and Bullwinkle's Fractured Fairy tales.
Thanks :)

Wayne Pitchko said...

great one Judy...thanks for sharing

Peggy said...

Perfect Judy! wonderful wolf voice