Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hold On


Big jolt,
love from the start
I wrote.

Key note
strong arms,  good heart
I float.

Devoted -
now anchor , a part,
over coat.


Mary said...

Nicely expressed feelings, Judy.

Peggy said...

A rock for sure. I like this Judy and am always impressed when a form is used successfully.

becca said...

well done and love the last line made me smile

Ann said...

You find the most interesting poetry forms. You inspire me to try this.

Victoria said...

Lovely poem of connection which began powerfully and has deepened and strengthened over time and through shared experiences. I remember talking back in Palm Springs about the feeling you describe in this poem the "in the shelter of the circle of his arms" feeling that you and I both find great comfort in.

Sherrie said...

Judy, I love the emotions you expressed in so few words. Magical!

Bob Hendricks said...

Well put. Concise. Strong. Deeply felt.