Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Double Talk

I am a writer
of poetry, non-fiction,
fiction. Long periods of time
go by empty, no words, no care,
no work...sometimes months

Slip by without a sign.
Life interferes, keeps me out
of my chair and I'm empty of word
and will. Can I be a writer who doesn't write?
Can sun rise peak out; decide to set
for lack of will to lift itself?
I am a writer!


becca said...

i know that feeling

Ella said...

Yes, that dance...with doubt n' dust!
YOU are a writer-dance in the rain and wash off the dust and keep going!

Peggy said...

Oh yes that balance --as in most things of life. And yes you are a writer not matter what Judy.

Mary said...

I am glad to see you writing much more, Judy. You are a writer.