Monday, November 5, 2012

Say What?

I wndn’t tex, not my thng, I was prodded n poked
until I broke down:

Mom can u bring me bgl w chese wen u com?:0)

Prolly, plan be ther @ 2.

Celebr pops bd on sat? lovin u

Sure, meet u @ C’s @6? <3 strong="strong">

I chk sched tom 2 b sure. 

Ya rah, 6 @ C’s sure. XOXO, wats pop want for bd?

I wn’t take nything 4 the precious conection
with dtr n now my grands, Textng is core!


Ann said...

Absolutely true!

Mary said...

Say what?

Victoria said...

I like to see the bridge you make between generations.

Peggy said...

Another LOL Judy. Texting is a whole new dialect! You are doing great on PAD.