Saturday, November 10, 2012

Full Circle

I was raised in the mountains
not softly nurtured and loved.
The escape route was layed
out and dreamed about.
When I was twenty and reached

Flat land, my life began…
the one that begins with him
and us and two babies
and still goes on forty years
later with love and joy and honor.

But the mountains called
sometimes late at night when
I felt safe in the scenery I had,
we got a house on the highest
mountain just for summers,
a get-a-way.  I sit on my perch
to infinity there, soak up the beauty,
no longer try to capture the spiritual
I just know it’s there and I wonder
at life and how we go full circle.


Mary said...

So true, Judy. You did find a way to return to the roots that you escaped from and found peace and beauty at the mountaintop. Heartfelt writing here, Judy.

becca said...


Ann said...

Once again, Judy, you know how to appreciate the best and not let the rest get to you. These last three poems are very connected.

Victoria said...

Good that you returned to the mountains but not to the pain.